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We are professionals that have perfected the porcelain surfaces installation process. Our experienced team is rigorously and continually trained to deliver not only a beautiful, high-quality project but an exceptional in-home experience.

We offer a stunning array of timeless looks from ultra-modern, pure whites and blacks to the classic Italian marble look with veins of grey and gold. For those looking to make a bolder statement, our urban designs add an industrial tone to any space.

Our unique measuring, fabrication and installation process gives us the ability to start working on your project on-site, completing everything typically within 48 hours. Ready to get started on your dream countertop project?


Moderno Porcelain Works offers an exclusive line of resilient and eye-catching porcelain countertops. Porcelain features several great benefits. It comes in an array of timeless designs, including desirable white veined and dark marble looks, so you can find what fits your style. Porcelain is also stain, heat and scratch resistant for peace of mind and long-term beauty.

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Terrific company. Texas team who will work hard for you, providing excellent service with high-quality products.


Hard workers and an outstanding product! Keep up the great work.

- Lori A Frome

Prompt, competitive pricing, professional, extremely smooth.

- Gene Wilhite